NOMAtlanta Hosts MLK Day of Service
On January 20, 2014, 15 professional, associate and family members from the Atlanta Chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architects got a unique opportunity to beautify the original burial site for Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and current site for his mother and father, South-View Cemetery, in southeast Atlanta. The effort was part of the chapter's annual MLK Day of Service community project through their community partner Hands on Atlanta ( which organizes hundreds of projects throughout the City of Atlanta honoring the spirit of Dr. King. In fact, South-view is not only the final resting place of the King family, it is also a site that is deeply rooted in American history. According to Access Atlanta website,"South-View Cemetery, founded in 1886, is the oldest African American "non-eleemosynary" corporation in the country. It is the final resting place for many African Americans that have made significant contributions to...the struggle for freedom and peace. Some of the community leaders resting at South-View: Albert Watts, Alonzo F. Herndon, Geneva Haugabrooks, John Wesley Dobbs, Clayton R. Yates, Rev. & Mrs. M.L. King, Sr., and Rev. William Holmes Borders, Sr."

NOMAtlanta assisted in planting over 50 trees around the perimeter of the cemetery that were meant to not only enhance the cemetery but beautify the somewhat depressed section of southeast Atlanta. The cemetery association President, Winifred Watts Hemphill, an Howard University Alum, thanked NOMAthanta for participating and stated " It was a wonderful day because of your participation!". The whole volunteer team worked hard planting trees, learned about the important cemetery history and had a lot of fun helping the community