Project Pipeline Camp Registration Underway
Various Project Pipeline Architectural Day Camps held by NOMA Chapters are gearing up to begin registration for the summer.  Camps are scheduled to be held in New Orleans, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  Read below to find out more about the pipeline or contact

Project Pipeline Camp

Project Pipeline Architecture Camp is a National Initiative established in 2006 by The National Organization of Minority Architects. Project Pipeline is hosted in eleven cities, has taught over one thousand students, has logged over seven thousand five hundred volunteer hours and over one hundred sponsors. Students are introduced to the people,professions, and ideas that make up the architecture and design profession. Camp attendees of varied skill levels and interests are asked to work both individually and collaboratively to address community focused issues through creativity and design innovation. Pipeline students are asked to think creatively about the spaces around them and area given the opportunity to investigate how they can best influence those spaces. Each day consists of various hands on activities and learning sessions designed to encourage students to synthesis and interpret new information as they design new places for the city to engage with. By the end of camp, Pipeline students have created the building blocks of a better city and designed a community that reflects their academic, cultural, and design interest!

Project Pipeline Workshops

The Project Pipeline Workshops are focused on local community based issues and opportunties. The program is built to provide students with a platform to discuss, analyze, and interpret the impact of design, art, and architecture in the built environment through focused curriculum and creative outcomes. We believe that architecture is personal and collaborative, logical and creative, and it is the relationship between these modalities that defines design thinking and in turn defines the Project Pipeline workshops.