Cultural Innovation - Hip Hop Inspired Architecture Exhibit
Come experience an in-depth exhibition which  explores the development of hip hop in postindustrial America and the documentation of its 40 year history through the lens of various architectural professionals, academic institutions and allied professions. The foundation of this exhibit is based on the University of Detroit graduate thesis of Michael Ford, titled “Cultural Innovation – Hip Hop Inspired Architecture. Mr. Ford has blurred the threshold between academia and professional practice as he has continued to develop his research through publications, guest lectures and seminars for nearly the past decade. Through the dissemination of lesser known cross disciplinary architectural and urban culture connections and the display of architectural theories coupled with real world practicum, the exhibit seeks to continue an ongoing conversation about what inspired architects of yesterday, today, and the inspirations of the future practitioners. 

Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
Chicago, IL
Thurday, June 26th 
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Presented by The National Organization of Minority Architects
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