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What NOMA means to me...

"NOMA has opened my eyes to a lot of different minorities in this profession and gives me positive roles models..."
    -Tom Brokaw, Emerging Professional

"...its a good feeling when you are in a profession where, you know, you are such a minority and you can be surrounded by people who are just so encouraging and positive and happy and proud of the things that you've done..."
    -Crystal Brokaw, Architect

"its extended family and opporunity to meet with other like-minded and motivated people"
    -Andre Vega, Architect

"NOMA is family...its an opportunity for me to reconnect with mentors classmates, colleagues, friends"
    -Jason Pugh, Emerging Professional

"there is so much support and every year I get a wealth of information"
    -Aminah Wright, Emerging Professional

"It is an organization where like-minded individuals can come together to facilitate a change in our bring about more diversity which I believe is beneficial to the communities here in America especially with the economic situations that we have now"
    -Karen Anderson, Architect

"I think NOMA is about helps you pull out a vision for your own future"
    -Andrew Chin, educator