ReGenesis Environmental Justice Partnership Receives National Planning Excellence Award
On March 31, the American Planning Association announced that South Carolina State Representative Harold Mitchell, Jr. and the ReGenesis Project were selected for the National Planning Excellence Award for Advancing Diversity & Social Change (in Honor of Paul Davidoff). Mitchell was cited for his commitment to making the Arkwright and Forest Park neighborhoods within Spartanburg healthy and sustainable communities by advancing environmental justice, collaborative problem solving, and better neighborhood planning. Mitchell created ReGenesis to represent neighborhood interests in cleaning up contaminated and abandoned property as well as revitalizing the surrounding community.

Mustafa Ali, Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Environmental Justice at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), said "the ReGenesis project blended collaboration and the need for partnership building to address multi-stakeholder interests and concerns. It is projects like these that make a visible difference in communities. The lessons learned led to the creation of EPA's Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem-Solving Model."

The ReGenesis Project received an EPA Environmental Justice Small Grant Award for $20,000 in 2000. Also, the project was the focus of the 2007 documentary "Environmental Justice: The Power of Partnerships."

To learn more, refer to the American Planning Association's press release