National Organization of Minority Architects
NOMA Council Statement

The NOMA Council (aka NOMAC) is a body of elders who have been inducted into this great association due to their lifetime of achievement, as well as their service and commitment towards the National Organization of Minority Architects.

The mission of the Council is to serve as a perpetual source of wisdom, expertise, motivation and support for NOMA, the NOMA Board, and the broader architectural community, based on the width and depth of its collective experience and exposure, and its dedication to NOMA over decades.

Eligible individuals are nominated and elected by the current Council members. The Council is supported by its membership.

A representative from the Council is comprised of members selected to serve as a liaison to the NOMA Board, reporting activities of the Council and conveying requests and expressions from NOMA back to the Council membership.

NOMAC members are encouraged to initiate activities and programs that they may lead or participate in with other mutually motivated/resourceful members or supporters to achieve progress and accomplishment.

Among these initiatives may be requests from the NOMA board with the intention of leveraging the unique seasoned, measured, influential, and knowledgeable collective resources of the NOMAC roster.

These activities and requests shall be reported to the NOMAC Representative for recording and communicating.

NOMA Council Members