Jack Travis Endowment Grant Announced
The NOMA Council is proud to announce The Jack Travis Endowment Grant for Black Aesthetic Investigation in the Environmental Design Disciplines c/o the NOMA Foundation in the amount of $50,000

The NOMA Council wishes to personally thank Curtis Moody, President, CEO + Co-Founder of the largest Black-owned Architectural firm, Moody Nolan and Lou Switzer, Chairman, CEO and Founder of The Switzer Group, the largest Black-owned Interior Design Firm in the U.S., for their generosity and their commitment towards future generations of architects.

An endowment fund is created when a donor or the Board of Trustees specify that a gift is to be invested and only the income earned on that gift may be spent for a specific purpose.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact the NOMA Executive Director about how to pledge a gift or make a donation.