ABOUT THE NOMA CONFERENCE. The Annual NOMA Conference and Expo is an excellent way to connect with colleagues and friends around the world, allowing one to network with architects, allied professionals, emerging professionals, and students. Overall it allows these opportunities to happen while also providing an educational experience. The NOMA Conference is an essential professional development event hosted by a local NOMA chapter in a different city each year.  Over forty, one hour or one and a half hour long educational sessions are offered, featuring a variety of areas of interest for all experience levels and disciplines in the diverse field of architecture.  Presenters volunteer from all over the country to share their expertise with conference attendees.   



The DESIGN track will focus on new, award-winning and legacy design projects executed by our members and other local professionals that express innovative design strategies in sustainability, material usage and/or technical expertise that was used in an innovative manner.  Projects that have had a positive impact on the community that they serve should, along with LEED, BREEAM, Living Building Challenge and WELLS buildings will be considered a part of this track. 


The TECHNICAL track will focus on new products and design techniques that introduce and review technical skills, materials, and systems that span all skill levels – from introductory to advanced. 


The COMMUNITY & JUSTICE track will focus on public and civic projects that benefit communities through social and environmental justice and social responsibility.  Topics that are tailored towards housing discrimination, education, home equity, environmental justice, sustainable design, etc. will be considered. This track shall also include presentations related to service through programs and activities designed to support communities and the architectural profession.   


The BUSINESS track of seminars will be geared toward starting a firm, marketing, firm growth, investing in the future, and succession planning. Seminars that discuss access to capital, recruitment strategies, purchasing, and policies that positively impact people working in the built environment will be considered. This track will also include the development of emerging professionals – including but not limited to internships, ARE, AXP, mentorship, and aide in career growth. 


NOMA was founded in Detroit 50 years ago. This track includes seminars that highlight the history and accomplishments of NOMA from its inception to current day and beyond. 


There is a lot of talk about Detroit’s “comeback” and Renaissance, but truth is… DETROIT NEVER LEFT. With this track, we look to recognize and celebrate those that have remained through the many evolutions of Detroit and its landscape over the last half-century. This track of seminars will honor the life-long Detroiter who has organized, built, and empowered through design… The Detroit visionaries that have carried us through, and those planning and designing towards a more equitable, accessible, inclusive Detroit for the next fifty years. 

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