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Fireside Chats & Presenters


The sessions are being populated in the schedule. Of course it is subject to change but you can take a sneak peak right now:

Sampling of topics:

  • NYC Health + Hospital Centers for Excellence: Redefining the Critical Path
  • Cultural Districts: Revitalizing Cities and Preserving Community Integrity
  • Building Sustainability in Urban Sprawl: History, Preservation, and Development in Forney, Texas
  • The Texas Southern University Library Learning Center: Comprehensive Community Engagement Manifested
  • The J.E.D.I. Agenda: An Intersectional Approach to Designing a Just and Equitable Future
  • Changing the Narrative: The Black Architect- Removing Obstacles, Creating Opportunities
  • SoCalNOMA Presents: The DEI Challenge
  • Worker-Owned Firms; Cooperative Networks; Unions; Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)
  • WATER BLOCK Kids: Re-imagining and Reclaiming Black Futures

Thursday, October 15th, Fireside Chat: Un-building Racism

Liz Ogbu

Founder, Studio O

A designer, urbanist, and spatial justice advocate, Liz is a global expert on engaging and transforming unjust urban environments. From designing shelters for immigrant day laborers in the U.S. to a water and health social enterprise for low-income Kenyans, Liz has a long history of working with communities in need to leverage the power of design to catalyze sustained social impact.

Liz has written for and been profiled in publications such as The New York Times, The Atlantic’s CityLab, and the Journal of Urban Design. Her honors include Global Fellow, TEDWomen Speaker, Aspen Ideas Scholar, and Senior Fellow of the Design Futures Council. She earned architecture degrees from Wellesley College and Harvard University.

Deanna Van Buren

Co-Founder, Designing Justice,
Designing Spaces

An architect and nationally known advocate for magnifying the role of design for ending mass incarceration. Her work includes the creation of multi-use hubs for restorative justice and workforce development across the country. Successful projects include the Restore Oakland the Atlanta City Detention Center.

June Grant

Founder, blink!LAB architecture

An architect, urban designer and sustainable development strategist, her Oakland-based studio is focused on the regeneration and celebration of historic African-American communities nationwide through a combination of design, advocacy, and digital fabrication technology.

June has presented at several conferences including the Obama Green Gov Summit, and was included in the 2019 YBCA 100 list of artists, leaders, activists, thinkers, movers, and dreamers who are using their creative and political power to enact change.



Policy, Vulnerabilities and Inequalities. The political dimensions of space, ownership, and the hidden tales; how can we assure access to public and private property and areas for belonging for black and brown people?


Space and Urban Structure. Presenters tackle the challenges of urban structures and the urban public realm. How can these spaces serve as places for cultural keeping and storytelling of neighborhoods and inspire our approach to the industry.


Place, Space, Consumption and Production. This theme debates the value of the return of corporate headquarters to cities. How can housing production and typology match the new residents? What alternative Just process and new housing types can come online quickly to support the affordable housing shortage? What are the most critical issues needed to be addressed to provide housing justice without displacement? Can these developments act as catalyst projects for ownership by the current communities?


Design, Development & Technology. The theme focuses on solutions at the intersections between design and technology to elevate, advance, and redefine the professions of architecture, planning, design and development. How do we define and sustain a design of virtue? How can we better serve and uplift our communities through integrated cultural and regenerative design processes?


Grounding In Green. The Green New Deal proposes to transition to 100% green renewable energy by 2030. How are NOMA members and allies creating initiatives, strategies and projects to harness this movement to secure economic, environmental and land security for Just communities who have traditionally been left out of national infrastructure? How can we shift our practices to devise and implement new productive partnerships with community organizations and create new business and living wage jobs.


This theme will focus on business & growth which will include seminars geared toward marketing, firm growth, investing in the future and succession planning. It will also include the development of emerging professionals: internships, ARE, AXP, mentorship, and aide in career growth.


Make Visible Your Call to Action. This theme is reserved for Oakland organizations to present ideas, proposal and challenges to the architecture and design community.

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