Sunset Over Oakland And San Francisco Hazy Skylines. Oakland Hills, Alameda County, California, Usa. Confronting
the Dual
Cover2020fall How does the human "fight or flight"
response work when you're being attacked
on multiple flanks by two formidable adversaries?

NOMA Magazine

Recent Issue: Fall 2020

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  • Design Feature: Jamaica House of Parliament
  • AIA Large Firm Roundtable Update
  • Mastering the Virtual Workplace
  • 35 Words: Black Space
  • Meaningful Contributions from NOMA Members: LEED for Diversity
  • 2020 NOMA Foundation Fellowship Inaugural Cohort
  • SFNOMA Project Pipeline: 10 Years of Design Justice
  • The Inclusion & Diversity Compendium for Designers
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Where do we go from here?
NOMA is actively working on the architecture disparity by building bridges….On the mass incarceration front, this is where we need to get more involved in vetting our elected leaders, which is why being an informed voter is so important. We must look closely at our judges, district attorneys and sheriffs, who all have the authority to move the needle on sentence reform and decreasing incarceration rates. So, where do we go from here? The polls.”

NOMA President – Kimberly Dowdell, in the current lead story for the magazine.

Perhaps it’s only appropriate that the year NOMA has it’s first “virtual” conference it also rely on solely digital means for delivering it’s magazine. The format allows for two different reading options: the standard page view and the spread view. Click below to download the PDF version that best suits your viewing pleasure.