The cover of the latest issue of the NOMA Magazine. The official release coincided with the Conference in Chicago where there was an entire symposium on Afrofuturism.
The NOMA magazine was first published almost two decades ago. This latest issue was poignant with timing that coincided with other recognitions to Whitney Young’s pivotal remarks to the AIA fifty years ago. President Bryan Hudson began his article, after quoting Mr. Young,
Words echoing down the decades from today’s pages
I’ll start with a couple of questions. Why did the professional organization that represented archi­tects seem to treat black members like they were not important? Why did Mr. Young pick up on this and address them in the manner that he did? How would that speech impact my life and career? I was a newborn infant at the time when Mr. Young’s infamous speech was delivered to the AIA; that was 50 years ago and I was introduced to it about 5 years ago. I have a clear understanding that this happened in the midst of the civil rights movement. Also knowing he was the president of the Urban league did he see the importance of the business of architecture and our representation mattered could have been an impetus?”

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