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Welcome Address from President Jason Pugh

Happy New Year to all NOMA members, allied partners, and extended family. As we reflect on the past unprecedented year and bravely step into 2021 with optimistic fortitude, there is much to be thankful for. 2020 was undoubtedly one for the record books. Together we’ve contended a global pandemic, the resultant economic recession, divisive political rhetoric, and growing civil unrest following the senseless murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others. Our lives have been uprooted, our plans cancelled or derailed. Many Americans have lost jobs, while tragically others have lost their lives. The year 2020 was not what we had planned, and for most of us 2021 could not come soon enough. But with the new year comes anticipated change, renewed values, sharpened focus, and new opportunities.

Today marks the first day of 2021, and with it, the start of my two year term as the 34th President of NOMA. I am truly honored to serve our valued members within this leadership role, and humbled by the incredible support, encouragement and mentorship I’ve received over the years leading up to this moment.

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December 31st is the deadline.

If you paid for the 2020 conference the content is still available until December 31st.

The 100% virtual format has had the most excellent side-effect of making more than 80% of all conference content available even now. All paid conference attendees still have access to more than a hundred hours of seminars, roundtables, documentaries and discussions. This includes all of the keynote “Fireside Chats” as well as Saturday’s Award Brunch and all of the virtual tours. Simply use the very same email link you were originally sent and you can visit the programs you missed or review your favorite moments one more time.

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Things You Should Know About

Celebrating NOMA's 50th Anniversary, One Founder at a Time

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January 2021

In celebrating our legends and echoing a core value of honoring our rich legacy, the NOMA 50th Anniversary Task Force, in partnership with the Historian Committee, is proud to introduce you to our Founding heroes

Wendell Campbell

Wendell Campbell, nationally recognized architect and urban planner, passed away peacefully Wednesday, July 9, 2008. Mr. Campbell was 81 years old.

Born on April 27, 1927 Mr. Campbell grew up in East Chicago, IN the fourth of six children. He was often called to work alongside his father, a carpenter, who demanded perfection in every project. Following fourteen months of service Mr. Campbell was honorably discharged and he returned home to study architecture. Mr. Campbell was the recipient of several scholarships and he graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1957 with a B.A. in Architecture and City Planning. Read more of his story here.

December 2020

In celebrating our legends and echoing a core value of honoring our rich legacy, the NOMA 50th Anniversary Task Force, in partnership with the Historian Committee, is proud to introduce you to our Founding heroes

Leroy M. Campbell

Leroy Campbell, AIA NOMA was born on July 5, 1927, in New York City. After graduating from Rock Castle High School in Virginia, he attended the school of Architecture at Howard University from which he graduated in 1951.

After working with several firms in the Washington DC area. Leroy met John D. Sulton, his future partner, while working with Hillard Robinson, FAIA. In 1964, Leroy and John formed the successful firm of Sulton Campbell & Associates, Chartered. Their firm was once one of the largest firms in the area with offices in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. Although his experience was wide-ranging, most of Campbell’s work consisted of large scale housing developments. Institutional architecture, transportation projects and medical facilities. Read more of his story here.

November 2020

William M. Brown, Jr.

William M. Brown Jr., affectionately called “Bill,” was born and raised in the City of Newark, NJ. He attended Newark Public Schools, South Street School and Franklin Ave Schools be­fore attending Barringer High School. Bill graduated from Howard University in 1952, with a Bachelor of Architecture/Construction degree.

He joined forces with his colleague Reginald C. Hale, also a Howard University School of Architecture graduate, to open the first African- American architectural firm in the City of Newark, NJ, Brown and Hale Architects, in 1962. Along with a long list of accomplishments, William M. Brown Jr. became the first African- American President of the Newark and Suburban Architects in 1973. Read more of his amazing story here.


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