NOMA Members are some of the most incredible people in the architecture, engineering and construction industry

  • They are community leaders and consummate designers
  • They are able architects and exceptional instructors
  • They are award winners and published authors. They are urban, rural, old, young, wealthy, needy, white, black, Ph.D’s, students, walking, rolling, liberal, conservative

Membership is open to all, quite literally all and, so far, all lovers of progress, community and design have found a niche for themselves once becoming connected.

Membership is for the calendar year January 1 – December 31 and is not prorated.

You must pay National and local member fees to be considered a member of NOMA.

Students do not have to join a professional chapter but are encouraged to join and participate in activities with the nearest local professional chapter.

If we do not have a chapter in your area, you are encouraged to select the nearest chapter in your state.


Membership is made up of both local chapter + national dues. See chart below for the national part and look at this file for the local portion. Click “Join Today” to go to the membership portal

student  45.00
intern (0-3 years)  140.00
associate (3+ years)  175.00
registered architect  250.00
allied professional  250.00

Contact our office at or the Membership Chair at if you have any questions.  You can also call us at 202.818.8653.

The new Membership Portal is live. Existing members, check your email for detailed instructions. Visit