Legacy Project: Architects BUILD Wiki, Detroit Edit-a-thon

A LOCAL PILOT WITH NATIONAL CONSEQUENCES. For almost as long as NOMA has been holding conferences it has worked with the host city to find a way to leave a lasting positive impression on its hosting locale. The digital age has not deterred these efforts but enhanced them with new opportunities.

In so many respects, 2021 is not your average year. The challenges of a global pandemic have coincided with the celebration of 50 years of NOMA. This has meant that the interactive, volunteer effort needed to be as special as its circumstances. With that in mind, Noir Design Parti ( https://noirdesignparti.com ), the brain child of active NOMA members Saundra Little and Karen Burton has partnered with Detroit’s own Charles H. Wright Museum ( https://theWright.org ) and the online consulting talents of Wiki Strategies on an ambitious pilot program to showcase more Black architects in the digital realm.

To get an in-depth look at the project and its background you can view the video recorded during an open webinar July 26th, 2021.

logo for "NOMA Everywhere" the conference will be available for particpatio virtually