NOMA’s Response to the Pandemic: Staying ALL in

President Kimberly Dowdell
President Kimberly Dowdell, 2019-2020 President of NOMA

Dear NOMA Family: Each week that I write to you in the midst of this pandemic, I wish to be able to report something that can help give you greater peace of mind. While I am encouraged that we are beginning to see what looks like a flattening of the curve in some places, I know that our best course of action right now is to stay sheltered in place at home. In light of these enduring circumstances, NOMA is making an effort to develop programming that will help you make the most of your time at home while remaining connected to our community of diverse building professionals and students.

It has now been a month of our new engagement strategy that we’re calling “Staying ALL in for NOMA”. Thank you for staying safe and staying home to protect our health and those who are on the front lines of this global health crisis. On a personal note, I’ve never spent this much time working from home and balancing other aspects of life, including a new exploration of the culinary arts. I wrote about my “new normal” in a recent post for Madame Architect. Like most of you, I’m really missing so many aspects of life before the pandemic. I’m also very concerned about my family and friends, particularly those who are most seriously impacted by the virus. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as this situation impacts each of us in different ways. Now more than ever, we rely on being connected to one another, at least virtually.

Since we can’t gather in person right now, NOMA is working to bring you online events to foster the connections that we previously enjoyed at the chapter level on a regular basis. We’re launching the Stay ALL in for NOMA Virtual Event Series next week to help us keep in touch while we’re all sheltering in place. Starting next Thursday, April 16th and every Thursday thereafter during the stay at home order time period, NOMA leadership will bring you content and opportunities for conversations around topics that are top of mind for most of us. You will hear from me as we kick off the series next week along with NOMA President-Elect, Jason Pugh, NE University Liaison, Melanie Ray, and Immediate Past President, Bryan Hudson. We want the series to be responsive to your needs and reflect the changing times at hand. Your participation and input will be most welcomed.

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Please save these dates on your calendar and join us as your schedule allows. When we have more information about future virtual events, we will be certain to update you. Also, be sure to join us on Facebook Live for our NOMA National Q2 Board Meeting’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting on Friday, April 24th at 5pm EST, which is continuing our tradition of meeting as a virtual community each quarter, prior to our board meeting. We want to hear about the issues that you are facing and discuss ways that NOMA can support you. We are also available to answer any questions that you may have about the organization’s plans for the year.

Thank you all for taking the time to read these updates. If you have any questions or concerns that NOMA may be able to help you address, please feel free to reach out to us via text at: 202.552.0718

I hope and pray for your continued safety and well-being, now and always. Please take good care of yourselves as well as those around you.

ALL the best,


Kimberly Dowdell
2019-2020 NOMA National President

The AIAS has put together a survey to hear directly from you on how you are doing in this pandemic to better provide you with the resources you need during this uncertain time. Please take a moment to update us on your situation. Additional COVID-19 resources can be found here.