January 22, 2022
by: Tiara Hughes, NOMA

This month NOMA National kicks off the new year by celebrating our very own Houston Chapter – HNOMA! As they continue the go beyond in serving our member during the pandemic, their successes and aligned purpose made this an easy choice to ELEVATE. HNOMA serves as an exemplary example to furthering our mission. By building strong chapters of design professionals whose sensibilities and interests include promotion of urban communities, HNOMA is able to respond to the concerns that affect marginalized communities and people. With goals to increase the level of participation in the social, political and economic benefits afforded the citizens of this nation and to tear down the barriers that make full participation unattainable, they are furthering the NOMA Mission. NOMA intends to continue our support! Please join us in celebrating and elevating HNOMA!

Tiara Hughes: How does it feel to be selected as a featured NOMA Spotlight?

Justin Taplet: It is very exciting to be featured in the NOMA Spotlight to bring more exposure to the wonderful members that we have in HNOMA and in turn reach a broader audience to share about the impact that we are having in and around Houston! We have a lot of great momentum that has been building the past few years and this feature only adds to our upward trajectory.