June 30, 2021
by: Tiara Hughes, NOMA

This month NOMA National recognizes our very own local chapter NCNOMA! They are an exemplary example of our mission through their work with youth and supporting NOMA’s Project Pipeline. Additionally, their contributions further their chapter mission with is to develop the growth of minority students, interns, architects, and educators in the field of architecture, as well as champion diversity within the design professions by promoting excellence, community engagement, and professional development of its members. NCNOMA serves as an advocate for people of color through its engagement with equity and justice. They also act as a source of guidance, leadership, and support; continuously striving for an inclusive and diverse architectural profession. We are excited to elevate them and continue to support their efforts.

TH: How does it feel to be selected as a featured NOMA Spotlight?

KC: Having the chance to be recognized with the national spotlight reinforces the idea that the work we are doing matters and helps us to better carry this momentum forward to future generations. Being a young leader and receiving the support and advice from such a diverse and talented group truly exemplifies what it means to be a part of NOMA. The growth and change that we have achieved has only been made possible through the passion and dedication of our members. I’m confident that NCNOMA will continue to grow and challenge our profession to do the same for years to come.