The 10 Most Innovative Architecture Firms in 2022

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Image Source: Fast Company

BY NATE BERG of Fast Company

Explore the full 2022 list of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, 528 organizations whose efforts are reshaping their businesses, industries, and the broader culture. We’ve selected the firms making the biggest impact with their initiatives across 52 categories, including the most innovative media, design, and urban development companies.

Architects are masters at taking novel ideas and turning them into physical spaces. The firms on this year’s list of the 10 most innovative companies in the architecture industry have pushed the limits of what it means to build. One found ways of applying sustainable design at the scale of a stadium, ensuring that every event under its roof can happen without producing any net carbon dioxide emissions. Another firm developed a method of building floors that slashes excess material use, eliminating most of the concrete and steel that undergird the skyscraping floors of urban high-rises. Another firm is pushing the standard billboard into the realm of technicolor alien spaceships with a bold street-side advertising/art structure right in the heart of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.