NOMA’s Tiffany Brown (right) with Michelle Obama (center) and architect Stuart Coppage (left) at the 2017 AIA Conference.ny Brown interviewed for Architectural Record August 2018 issue

It’s the early days of 400 Forward, but you’re already connecting professional women with girls who are interested in architecture and want mentors. What other plans do you have for the future of the organization?
I can imagine us having chapters all around the country and coming together for conferences and different events to support each other. My dream is to partner with Michelle Obama’s Reach Higher and Let Girls Learn initiatives.
I had the chance to meet her at the AIA convention last year in Orlando [see photo]—she walked right up to me and asked me my name and what I love to do.
I gave her my elevator pitch about 400 Forward, and she signaled her assistants to get us connected.
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