Pugh and Dowdell Discuss NOMA’s Core Values with Archinect

Jason Pugh & Kimberly Dowdell

by: Katherine Guimapang, Archinect

National architecture organizations have expressed their efforts towards inclusivity, equity, and diversity. One organization, however, continues to embody those values by leading from example and creating moments for individuals to be involved and amongst people whose multifaceted backgrounds add to the strength of the future architectural academia and professional practice. The National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA) has continued to push through and establish themselves as a group that reflects a different leadership type towards efforts of advocacy, diversity, and inclusivity within the profession. 

“I think that everyone approaches the “doing” of architecture in their own way,” explains current NOMA President Kimberly Dowdell. “NOMA celebrates the various ways in which our members contribute to our collective built environment. At the end of the day, architects are called upon to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Our members do this in nearly every way imaginable.” 

Leading into the upcoming 2020 NOMA Conference, Archinect connected with current NOMA President Kimberly Dowdell and incoming NOMA President Jason Pugh to discuss the organization’s growth, their hopes towards elevating design justice, and the importance of the upcoming NOMA conference.