March 29, 2021
by: Tiara Hughes, NOMA

As we celebrate women this month, NOMA recognizes the Black Women in Architecture Network for the many years of empowerment and resources they have provided to the black women and the industry at large. Black Women Architects make up 0.3% of all licensed architects. NOMA and the BWA Network is working extensively to evolve black representation of our field. Their contributions include annual brunches, an online network via Facebook to assist and motivate women with the AREs, a scholarship to honor the late Desiree Cooper for black woman entrenched in the licensure process and many more. NOMA sends a special thanks to this group for a decade+ of their efforts! We look forward to continued alignment and support.  

Tiara Hughes: How does it feel to be selected as a featured NOMA Spotlight? 

Katherine Williams: The Black Women in Architecture Network is delighted to be spotlighted by NOMA. Since our core group are all active members of NOMA, we appreciate the recognition from the organization. Additionally, NOMA has been a great support for the past 13+ years that we have organized the Riding the Vortex panel sessions. We have been excited to highlight Black women in the profession and provide a safe space for people to hear others’ stories, positive and negative, and get support and encouragement. Additionally, we appreciate how NOMA National and chapters have supported the Black Women in Architecture Brunch and the NOMA Foundation support of the Desiree Cooper ARE Scholarship.  

TH: What is the plan moving forward to keep the momentum going? 

KW: As we continue to advocate for a more diverse architecture profession, and especially support Black women, we look to continue to partner with NOMA national, the local chapters, and the NOMA Foundation for our ongoing work.