April 30, 2022
by: Tiara Hughes, NOMA

As the weather turns warmer this year, NOMA National recognizes the dedication of Louisiana NOMA!  Louisiana NOMA can trace their core values in its fight for social justice in the design field. Louisiana NOMA hosts an event called Porch Talk. This program features voices of students, educators and practitioners that are not regularly given a platform by other architectural organizations. While Porch Talk gives power to fellow members, Louisiana NOMA also educates each member with events such as From Penitentiary Philosophies to Abolitionist Alternatives and Mardi Gras Indian Art.  From Penitentiary Philosophies to Abolitionist Alternatives is an event that discussions the history of participatory teach-in explore on carceral design, and the abolitionist possibilities offered through design justice. The Mardi Gras Indian Art is a workshop of the technique of beading from black masking Indian traditions.   

NOMA National celebrates continuing the social changes that Louisiana NOMA brings to their chapter. 

TH: How does it feel to be selected as a featured NOMA Spotlight? 

Louisiana NOMA strives for social justice in the form of design. We believe that architecture can play a key role in society’s well-being. Collaborations with the communities facilitate change with lasting results.  It is vital to involve community partners who serve the communities. Community partners include civic organizations, government officials, business owners, designers, artists, and residents are all encouraged to participate throughout the development of our projects and initiatives. 

To reach this objective, it is important that Louisiana NOMA create a focus on education through professional mentorship and support to emerging design leaders in the field. It is important to cultivate future leadership in high school students and college students. Guiding each young mind through professional practice while creating a dialogue about socially responsible initiatives regardless of race, place, gender, or socio-cultural status in architecture. 

Louisiana NOMA Leadership