NOMA Members Receive Scholarship Awards for Licensure

Telicious Robinson (left), recipient of The DC Memorial Award, and Alyssa Mitchell (right), recipient of The Harrisburg Memorial Award

By Black Women in Architecture Network for and by Black Women in Architecture


The Desiree V. Cooper (DVC) Memorial Scholarship Committee seeks to honor the life and legacy of Desiree V. Cooper by championing the things she was passionate about in her professional career and personal endeavors: providing continual service to her communities and encouraging minorities and women in the advancement of their careers in architecture. To that end, the Foundation awards Scholarships for the architectural registration exam in the following categories: The Black Women in Architecture Award, The Harrisburg Memorial Award, The DC Memorial Award, and the NOMA award.

The DC Memorial Award to is given to Telicious Robinson. The jury noted Ms Robinson’s commitment “to NOMA and her community which is inspiring given all the other responsibilities she has.” The jury also called her a “great example of someone who is finding her voice and who is using it to influence others in a positive way…Each of those [community] activities has the benefit of reaching many people, amplifying her voice and magnifying her potential impact on those about her!”

The Harrisburg Memorial Award to is given to Alyssa Mitchell. The jury wrote Ms Mitchell “has a good understanding of the benefits of getting licensed and has the intention of leveraging it to give back to the community!” The jury said “her application conveys a lot of energy and excitement and it’s clear that she takes advocacy, representation and mentorship very seriously.”